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Another Post on Frose

I had the chance to do a less than serious appearance on Better KC today to demonstrate how to make a restaurant quality Frose at home. What is Frose? A simple frozen concoction made with Rose wine as the base.

You wouldn't think this would be difficult but I actually get quite a few questions about it.

First, let's be clear. You can do a simple google search and get all kinds of recipes and answers on this subject. I don't want to just add to that but if I educate you a bit on the why and not just the how you can get creative and make something that is truly your own and share it with friends and family.

A good cocktail is balanced. It has alcohol, sweetness and acidity.

When making Frose you don't want to just freeze Rose and put in in a glass. Frozen Rose wine will simply taste slightly bitter and flat. You can add this sweetness back in variety of ways. The most common way is to add a fruit puree. So fruit combined with a bit of water and sugar. Of course you can substitute the sugar for other things like honey, agave, fake sweetener, etc.

Also, you don't want to add Rose and ice like you would make a Margarita. This will water down the Rose (alcohol) and won't taste right (thin). The key at home trick for making Frose is to freeze your Rose ahead of time. There are several methods I've seen used. Ice cube trays work great but so does pouring a bottle in a zip lock bag or putting in a plastic container with a lid. Here is the other thing to remember......because wine is about 15% alcohol it won't freeze completely hard like water so once you take it out you want to use it right away. Also, a word of warning......DON'T put the bottle of rose in the freezer. If it doesn't break first you won't be able to get the wine out and that is a FAIL.

I call this the base Frose. Dry Rose that is pre frozen then combined with a fruit puree and blended. That's it. This is what you start with and built your own version from it. I just like to use a darker rose because they tend to have more flavor and frankly color. I like Charles and Charles Rose for my base wine. Then I make strawberry puree and blend. Yep, you can buy very good puree or mixes that will save you time. Master of Mixes makes a delicious Frose mixer. Just add frozen Rose wine to it and you are good to go.

From there, I've seen many add lemon or lime juice or use other base fruits like Mango or Watermelon for their puree. I already mentioned substituting other types of sweetening. I also like to play around with adding fresh herbs. Mint is a great one. It gives the drink more depth. Wanna get really creative? How something like Jalapeno to spice it up a bit?

Finally, a note of kicking it up a notch in the area of alcohol. Frose isn't inherently a high proof drink but if getting a buzz is on the agenda then you need to add a little something-something. The easiest way is vodka. Or Aperol. Play with it. Have fun.

In summary, learn to make the base Frose. It is great just like that. Well balanced and delicious. Branch out from there and put your own spin on it to call your own.


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